Lesson to learn from City Harvest Church's Kong Hee Scandal

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Lesson to learn from City Harvest Church's Kong Hee Scandal

Postby Dennis Ng » Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:50 am

ui21cn wrote:Saw the following headline from Yahoo news and also heard it over TV news:

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"City Harvest founder Kong Hee arrested for alleged misuse of church funds"
"Pastor Kong, his deputy John Tan Ye Peng and three other key ministry members -- Lam Leng Hung, Chew Eng Han, Tan Shao Yuen Sharon -- were arrested at their homes early Tuesday morning and questioned over the alleged misuse of at least S$23 million from church funds"

The investigation started way back in May 2010 - no conclusion if the parties are at fault but obviously a lot of taxpayer money and effort from the authorities were spent.

Lets wait and see the magic work of "we are all connected"

Wei Teck

My posting is not here to accuse or to judge. Let us see what lessons we can learn from this?

I just hope that the public confidence will not be shaken or think that if even the Head of a Church can be "like that", then it is ok to cheat. I feel very, very, very sad when I watched the TV News just now, after NKF (Durai); Ren Ci (Ming Yi), now you have a Pastor...

These people do not understand that "With great power, comes great responsibility"....they are in a position that people look up to, and respect...so whatever they do can have a big impact on the society.

I'm so glad to watch the TV news interview when Mr Low Swee Seh (new CEO of Tzu Chi Singapore) shares how Tzu Chi even make sure that the CEO pays for his own trips overseas....(incidentally Mr Low and Mr Sim Hee Chew (both very active volunteers at Tzu Chi) are also our seminar (sign ups), they have not found the time to attend the seminars yet as they are always overseas and busy with the voluntary work at Tzu Chi...

I hope Mr Low's sharing let the public know that there are good and selfless people around in the society.

P.S. in fact how we have the blessing to invite the former Mr David Liu, CEO of Tzu Chi (now transsferred to Tzu Chi International Operations to do even more work for the benefit of the whole world instead of just Singapore) is through the introduction and recommendation of Mr Sim and Mr Low whom I'm forever grateful to let us have the opportunity to learn from Mr David Liu before he took on his new position in Tzu Chi...

So I really hope that our Seminar Graduates' Community can be a Real Life Example of how there are People in Singapore who are selfless and Go Givers and one can get Rich on the strong foundnation of having the Right Values and Principles. All Seminar Graduates have this Great Responsibility, the Society badly needs it now with all these scandals...of course, none of us are perfect, but i urge everyone to focus on CANI - Continuous and Never-Ending Improvement.

As I said, one of the main Universal Truths that all religions teach is to be "selfless", so this is why it is so sad when the Pastor actually showed is "selfishness" instead (misuse public funds for promotion of his wife's music career). So beware of people who only talk and might not walk their talk, who only Preach but do NOT practise what they preach.

When we see others err let this be a Warning that we should NOT commit the same mistake. But let us pray for their change, that they will change their ways and be on the Right path again. Wherever Mr Durai is, I hope he learned from his lesson and now has become a better person.

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