How we had benefited through attending Dennis’s Seminar

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How we had benefited through attending Dennis’s Seminar

Postby siobeng » Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:00 pm


Let me share on how I had benefited through Dennis teaching.

I’m lucky to have attended Dennis’s Seminar on “How to save and accumulated $1 million dollar” back in 1st Aug 2009.

One of the topic is on getting the right insurance and he had stressed the important to get an “ As charged” comprenhsive medical and hospitalisation insurance Plan.

With his advice, I had upgraded my family medical insurance plan. Unfortunately, my daughter was serious ill last Nov 11 due to rare auto immune disease that had affected her brain and the long stayed in hospital, follow up treatments, rehabilitation ...added up the hospital bill to about 50K +.. before subsidiary.

Lucky, the amount is being paid by the insurance company except the co-insured portion.

Otherwise, I have to pay quite a substantial amount of the bill even if I will to opt for class c ward. Subject to government mean testing.

I think it’s only we paid to attend seminar, and then we will appreciate the value and take action on what is being taught.

Apply what is being taught by Dennis and I believe one day you and me will be benefited and achieve our financial freedom.

See you guys at the top!

Once again thank you Dennis!

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Re: How we had benefited through attending Dennis’s Seminar

Postby dragonhart2 » Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:31 pm

hi Siobeng,

thank you for sharing!

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