Successful Completion of First Round of 6 Seminars

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Successful Completion of First Round of 6 Seminars

Postby patap » Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:04 pm

To mark the successful completion of the first round of seminars for both the English and Mandarin, MasterYourFinance.Com and Wealth Directions, have jointly advertised on today's Sunday Times (Invest Section). In the Ad, we showcase some of our trainers who have taken on the tasks of continuing Dennis' teachings, testimonials from 2 of our graduates and statistics to show how well received are our recent seminars. We are announcing that we are continuing Dennis' teachings which have benefitted thousands since 2009 and we are confident that the seminars conducted by Dennis' students sharing the same mission and values, will continue to benefit many more to come.

We have timed the Ad around this time partly to also commemorate Dennis' 100th day, which was last Fri 2 Nov 2012. The family had a 3-hour prayer session.

Considering Dennis had a total of 6 Seminars ie. How to Save & Accumulate One Million Dollar, Secrets to Making Money in Property and in Stocks in English and Mandarin, it is indeed an achievement to reach this stage in such a short time. This will not be possible without the contribution and support of the trainers, who have stood up to the tasks of delivering Dennis' teachings. The trainers are Serene Loong, Adrian Chua, Jason Tan and Ui Wei Teck, Yohanes Hendra, Brandon Yong, Eileen Tan, Darren Lee, Robin Han, Celeste Goh, Roland Liew, Kenneth Tan, Jimmy Lim, Sze Mei and Chin Hong. All of whom have contributed in different ways to help make this possible.

I would also like to express my utmost gratitude to Yew Kin, who is the person in-charge cum shareholder of Wealth Directions, for taking the lead in bringing together the trainers and sitting through many rounds of trainings the trainers had. He did not stop there. He continued to 'realise' a few of the many initiatives that Dennis had announced in the Forum eg. the Dennis Ng Financial Education Outreach Program and the Investing Learning Group (which is now renamed as Investing Mastermind Group). For the Investing Mastermind Group, we have just started off with 3 groups led by some of the trainers and including those who have indicated interests in the Forum earlier on. We will need more time to review this before we can include more to join in.

We have confidence in Dennis' teachings and the trainers. We have confidence in continuing Dennis' teachings and the legacy. We would like to call on all graduates to continue to spread Dennis' teachings so that more people will benefit, bringing together a close-knitted community of like-minded people, to continue to learn and improve ourselves so that we can contribute to the society at large.
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Re: Successful Completion of First Round of 6 Seminars

Postby ui21cn » Mon Nov 05, 2012 7:14 am

I am glad and honored to be given the opportunity to be part of the trainers gorup "in continuing Dennis' teachings and the legacy".
"Master your Finance, Master your Destiny" movement will live on.

Towards our Financial Savvy Journey,

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Re: Successful Completion of First Round of 6 Seminars

Postby Ms Tan » Mon Nov 05, 2012 3:33 pm

Hi Patricia,

The biggest credit goes to you, the lady behind Dennis and passes his legacy on. You were not active in this Forum before so may have missed out reading below message from Dennis when someone commented how lucky you are as Dennis shared that “Almost everyday, I would say I love you to my wife and 2 children and I hug them almost everyday too. Other than actions, what's the harm of expressing in words?” Below were his words expressing how appreciative he is for having a wife like you. These words will engrave deeply on your heart and on our hearts ...

You have demonstrated how strong a simple lady can be when puts on test. You have passed with flying colours, coping well with two young children at home and looking after 3 businesses well in the past 100+ days and many more days to go. Dennis has also demonstrated to us that Value Investing is a good stream of income and the difference between working for people and running a business, his business really can continue to operate without him (though he is “watching” from a distance)!

I think MYF is the first in Singapore that has provided a good platform for keen learners to share knowledge unreservedly with good intention to make everyone a better person, be selfless millionaire. It is possibly the first to be continued by Gradates without much disruption after the Trainer left.

Honestly, it was never in my plan to be a Trainer, but I am glad to have accepted the opportunity and have received good feedback from fresh graduates so far in the recent English & Chinese Property Seminars, I didn't know I can do it as I am not good with words, I often think of A and talk about B, I am getting a little bit more comfortable now speaking in front of large audience. We will continue to impact our knowledge, continue to pick up new learning and continue to contribute to the Society in our life journey.

I can't wait to see how successful Investing Mastermind Group (aka Learning Group) will be, what a good way to transform the virtually close-knitted community to the next level, every graduate will grow because of the support and encouragement of the Mastermind Group & Buddy Program.

Thank you Dennis & Patricia for showing us that possibility thinking works, CBA works!

Dennis Ng wrote:
It's a cultural thing. Asians typically do not know how to express in words. I grew up in a family whereby no one say "I love you" to anyone, not even my mother to us, even though I know she loves us alot. I have never heard "I love you" these 3 words in my family throughout my growing up years. When I grow up, I tell myself that this is something I will "rectify" when I have a family myself.

No, actually I'm the fortunate one.

My wife takes care of my 2 businesses and also most of the household chores (we only have a part-time maid that comes by once a week) and she also takes care and help in the school work of my children, while since May 2009, I have Consciously Chosen (to sacrifice) 3 out of 4 weekends per month to conduct seminars, and thereby could not help her in anyway at all in those weekends...

She has been supporting me through Thick and Thin, Through Sickness and Health, Through Ups and Downs, and she has been my pillar of support over all these years. If I think back how come I can "pull through" the initial 7 lean years of striking out on my own from year 2000 to year 2007, her unwavering support is a very big factor.

So I'm the fortunate one, and everyday I thank the Universe for all the Love and Support that surround me, be it from my wife and children, from my parents-in-laws and my mother and siblings, from my Team members, from Yew Kin (the guy who helped make Wealth Directions turn from dream to reality), from ALL the Wealth Educators (seminar graduates who help me in weekly Path to Financial Freedom Workshops), from the many Seminar Graduates (the last we count is almost 2,900)...from the many people who I have the chance to meet and learn from...including the multi-millionaire sifus that shared with me selflessly...

Everyday when I wake up, I thank the Universe for another day to enjoy all these Love and Support and I ask myself what can I do to give back to the Universe, to the Society...I want to use the limited time everyday to help to reach out and educate as many people as possible to the extent that nowadays I try to cut down on meetings and even lunch, dinner or having coffee with I must try to give as much and it can only be done through 1 to many and not 1 to 1 meeting, lunch, dinner, coffee...

Yes, indeed I'm the very, very, very lucky one instead.
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