Are you guilty of having a "Something for Nothing"

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Are you guilty of having a "Something for Nothing"

Postby Dennis Ng » Wed Apr 12, 2006 8:00 pm

just received this email from my business coach, Andy. Yes, I do have a business coach, otherwise my business wouldn't be growing as fast as it is.

I fully agree with what he said. For instance, my company Leverage Holdings provides a "turnkey" system for Financial Planners to get involved in Housing Loans and Business Loans. However, some of them ask if they can "use our company's proprietary platform" for FREE. Well, is it possible? Imagine if you spent 13 years of your adult years culminating in creation of "Leverage Proprietary Platform", so revolutionary and "turnkey" for Financial Planners, is it possible for it to be free? Well, I do volunteer my services for free for charity and benefit of society from time to time. However, is it possible for my "business platform" to be offered to you FREE? Put yourselfs in my shoes again to ask this question and you might realise how ridiculous it sound.


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Something for Nothing
by Andy Ng, Business Coach & Trainer

This week's article I learnt from Brian Tracy, read it, take action, and forward this to your boss, clients and friends.

I've 3 quick questions for you:
* Would you like to have 100% increase in your profits without much work?

* Would you like a way to hire & keep good sales people without much work?

* Would you like your boss to give you a raise just like that?

If you answered YES, then you have this mindset called "Something for Nothing".

Something for nothing - this is so seductive and as such many people fell prey to conman who promised big gains without cost or pain.

We all know that something for nothing is just an illusion and does not exist. The reality is that we must pay something to get something.

In business and in life, something for nothing comes in the following common forms which we may not realized:

1. We go for training just because the government SDF give us the subsidy, and as a result we did not gain much from the training because we were not prepared to learn;

2. We go for training, follow what the trainer taught us, apply it for a few weeks, and later abandon it because we think that the method did not work. The reality is that for any method to work, you need to do test and measure, not just work and abandon...

3. We sold to our customers and hope that the customers will refer customers to us. The reality is that unless the customers feel that they are being rewarded, they will not refer customers to you...

4. We made good profits in our business, and thought that with profits we should be able to have money to do more things. The reality is not profit is not the same as cashflow, and more profits may not mean more money unless you know how to manage money.

5. To increase market share, we simply hire more salespeople, set targets, give attractive incentives, and think that our sales will increase proportionately with the increase in salespeople. The reality is that unless you have a winning sales management system, hiring more salespeople will not work...

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So what can we do to abandon the 'Something for Nothing" wrong mindset?

1. Take personal responsibility for whatever you do. Blame no one. If things are not going well, face it and take corrective action. Move on.

2. Stop envying people that are more successful than you. Envy is the worst negative emotion as it implies that the successful people are there because of luck, i.e., they have something for nothing. Such envy will encourage us to think that it is possible to have something for nothing.

3. Learn from people that have done it before. Whether you are running a department or company, you need to be a more effective leader and manager. Come for our Dynamic Business Coaching Program and you'll start working on things that will improve your business. Each session will have assignments that get you going and abandon something for nothing immediately. The next class is starting on 15 April Sat. 10 am to 12 noon or 19 April Wed. 7 pm to 9.30 pm. It is a 3-month 7-session program that teaches you everything about goal setting, business evaluation, marketing, teambuilding, systems, etc. We have to limit the class size to 5, so register now if you too want to take action. Call Andy at 6225-1784 for details.

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Note: I'm just sharing my personal comments, not giving you investment advice nor stock investment tips.
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