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Welcome Pte Ltd is proud to receive the SME Awards for two consecutive years.

SME1 Asia Awards 2011       Promising SME 500 2012

Having won the Platinum Award for the Promising SME 500 Awards 2012, in an interview session, Dennis Ng, our late founder shared his secret to success. He believed that there are many routes to achieve success. For him, "Give and you shall receive" is something he stood by all these years. This works for both business and life. When you are able to provide someone with service or opportunity, it will eventually result in you getting either money or happiness. Either way, you are set to gain something but always give without looking for a return.

In 2011, when Dennis was asked what he would like to share with fellow entrepreneurs on winning the SME1 Asia Award (Top 5 Winner for Emerging Entrepreneur Category), his reply was: "Always think about how you can serve your customers better, because when you do that, you will win the hearts of your customers, whether you win any award or not."


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