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Where does your PAYCHECK GO? Print E-mail
This article is contributed by the Financial Trainers of MasterYourFinance.Com at the invitation by Cosmopolitan Magazine to write about how the average Singaporean girl should use her monthly income for a money related article. Below is an extract of the article in the November issue.  
Scrimp all month but still wind up poor?  Read on for Cosmo's cash-controlling tips.
It's payday!  Chances are, you know how much money will hit your bank account (down to the dollar).  But then what?  Instead of tracking what's going where, you pay your bills and splurge the rest on dinner, drinks and ....
But, good news!  There's a simple way to take control and stop feeling powerless as your account balance inevitably shrinks every two weeks, and you end up having only bread and water every meal for the rest of the month.
Business Times Property 2013 : Housing Loan Tips by HousingLoanSG.Com on 28 Feb 2013 Print E-mail

BUYING a property in Singapore could well be considered the most “expensive” of purchases in the lifetime of most Singaporeans, especially with today’s high property prices. Whether the property is for one’s own use or for investment, it is a financial commitment that one has to maintain as long as the housing loan is not fully repaid or the property is not sold.

The latest property cooling measures introduced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in January are timely in reducing the increasing investment and speculative demand in the property market spurred by the extremely low interest rate environment.

MAS Property Cooling Measures - How does it affect the different groups of buyers/investors? Print E-mail

The latest MAS property cooling measures effective 12 Jan 2013 is considered the 'strongest' cooling measure that MAS has implemented to further 'cooled down' the buoyant property market. This is despite the various property cooling measures implemented earlier, dated all the way back in Sep 2009.


The continued increase in demand and rise in property prices has prompted MAS to act swiftly in less than 3 months after the last property cooling measure in Oct 2012, which was to limit on the loan tenor and loan amount.

MAS caps loan tenor at 35 years. What are the implications? Print E-mail

On 5 Oct 2012, MAS announced yet another tightening measures on the property market. This time is on the loan tenor limit.

For new purchase of residential properties (HDB and private), if the loan tenor is over 30 years, the loan quantum will be reduced:-

- from the current 80% to 60% (for those with no existing property loan); and

- from the current 60% to 40% (for those with at least 1 outstanding property loan).

The overall loan tenor is capped at 35 years and not exceeding age 65. This applies to refinancing of properties where the loan tenor of the refinanced loan will have to be added to the loan tenor of the very first loan taken to finance the purchase of the said property, and the total loan tenor shall not exceed 35 years.


How will this impact the home buyers?

50 years Home Loan, does it make sense? What are the pitfalls? Print E-mail

As a Home Buyer, should you take a 50 year Housing Loan? As an Investor, would a 50 year loan period make sense to you?


As usual, I gave them so much more information yet they only published a fraction of what I provided.

The lady (home loan customer) in Channel News Asia yesterday is our customer and seminar graduate Serene Loong, ironically, her time on TV is much more than me...and they only telecast 1 sentence of the many things I worry is that what I want to warn the public was not given chance to be aired...and home buyers might take up 50 years loan without much thinking of the possible consequences.

When You Wish Upon a Star, Your Dream Come True... Print E-mail

As you might know, one of the main motivation for me to teach people how to become Rich is so that when I help you (seminar graduate) get richer by learning how to invest, I hope that all of you can then can do More for those less fortunate in the society, for example, by donating to charities.

Now we have about 3,000 seminar graduates (after 3 years) and if in 5 years' time we have 10,000 graduates, then just each of us donating S$1,000, together we can donate S$10 million to Charities every year!

As you might know, Pte Ltd has been donating to charities since setting up in Jun 2010. From Jun 2012 onwards, we will make it as a committment that the company would donate 20% of its Profits to Charity, and the first Charity we would like to support is Make a Wish Foundation, Singapore.

Note: I personally and through my 3 companies, donate and support more than 10 charities a year, not only this Charity organisation.

More info on Make A Wish Foundation, Singapore can be found at their website:

Smart Tips on Property Financing by Dennis Ng, Print E-mail

This is the 7th year that Dennis Ng, who co-founded in year 2003 is invited to write the only article on Housing Loan in Business Times Property Supplement.  Let him share with you some Smart Tips on Property Financing:


Get smart on property financing
JUST mention 'property financing' and some people start to get a headache, especially those who do not like to look at or crunch numbers. Fret not, we share with you some tips in this article that will help you get savvy on property financing, including the latest rules and finer details.

Property cooling measures - how do they affect your housing loan?

The Monthly Investing Mentoring Sessions are Priceless, worth many thousands of dollars! Print E-mail

When you attend our seminars, after the seminars, you also get to continue to learn at our discussion forum         


and each month, we have an Investing Mentoring Session where more knowledgeable/experienced Seminar Graduates would share their knowledge with fellow seminar graduates in a 3 hour sharing session.


Dennis unveils the Singapore Stock Market & Property Market Outlook for year 2012/13 on 9 Mar 2012! Print E-mail
Uncover the Guaranteed Formula for Wealth!

Wait no more! At this special talk for investors, Dennis Ng will share property facts and figures that developers and agents might not show you, how to analyse the global economic situation and how you can plan your finances better, without the help of financial planners.

Note: if you're my seminar graduate, NO need to attend this session, as content is already covered in my various seminars.

But if you have NOT attended my seminar, then mark down 9 Mar 2012 (Friday) 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm in your Calendar where I (Dennis Ng) will share "Singapore Stock Market & Property Market Outlook for year 2012/13. Today (5 Mar 2012) is last day to get the Tickets at Early Bird Special Offer Price of S$16 for a Pair of tickets


Click here for Ticket purchase:


(Tea Break & Notes will be provided)


  • Money vs Wealth: What’s the difference?
  • Investing vs Gambling: Which rakes in more money?
  • The important factors in property investment
  • Why saving in the bank may not be enough
  • How to analyse the Global Economic situation
  • How to better plan your finances
  • How and why the rich get richer
  • Proven investment strategies that ensure returns
  • How to comfortably retire with at least $1 million
  • How to avoid being caught off-guard when the market falls
  • How to turn a crisis into an opportunity


Friday, 9 March 2012



7.30pm to 10.30pm ( Registration starts at 7pm)



DBS Auditorium, 6 Shenton Way, Singapore 068809



Eearly Bird Promotion
$16 for 1 pair of tickets (Till 5 March 2012)

Price beginning 6 March 2012
$20 for 1 pair of tickets

Standard price for single ticket:$15

For ticket purchase, click here:

(Tea Break & Notes will be provided)

Is it possible to get Infinite Returns on Stocks and Property? Print E-mail

Dennis Ng shares whether "Infinite Returns on Stock and Property Investments possible?"

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