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Get Smart on Property Financing by Dennis Ng Print E-mail

this is the 7th consecutive year that I've been invited by Business Times to write the ONLY article on Housing Loans in their Special Property Supplement. Here's the article:"Get Smart on Property Financing", hope you enjoy reading!

Get smart on property financing
JUST mention 'property financing' and some people start to get a headache, especially those who do not like to look at or crunch numbers. Fret not, we share with you some tips in this article that will help you get savvy on property financing, including the latest rules and finer details.

Property cooling measures - how do they affect your housing loan?


To read the full article, click below:

My book won Popular Readers' Choice Award for Chinese Category! Print E-mail
Hi all,

I want to share this Good News with all of you! I won the Inaugural Popular Readers' Choice Award No. 1 Prize for Chinese Category!

The award was announced and presented at Popular Book Fest @ Suntec on 26 Nov 2011...

The award is based on votes by Readers. So this award is NOT possible without all of your tremendous support! I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for making another of my Dream come True!

When the Award was announced, I almost could NOT believe it that I was the overall winner for Chinese category. Once again, it shows that CBA works!

Imagine Chinese is only my 2nd Language, and imagine a Chinese 2nd language student writing a 100% Chinese book and winning a Book Award for Chinese Category against other accomplished writers such as Liang Wen Fook, to me, it is really quite an amazing journey!

These are the top 10 nominees for the Readers' Choice Award for 3 categories:

Below are some photos taken:

My publisher, Kok Hwa on the left and Mr Quek, distributor of my book from Market Asia (they distribute 90% of all books in Singapore) at the award ceremony.

Receiving the award from Popular Holdings Director Ms Lim Lee Ngoh:

The top 3 winners for all the 3 categories, English, English (Children) and Chinese category with the Award Presenters:

The Certificate for First Prize:


Dennis Ng
My 3rd book (English) "What Your School Never Taught You About Money launching in 1 month's time... Print E-mail
Counting down, 1 month to the launch of my 3rd Book (100% in English) "What Your School Never Taught You About Money" at Popular Bookfest at Suntec City Convention Centre on 19 Nov 2011...excited...

I'll be sharing all the things that Your School Never Taught You About Money, eg. What's the difference between Investing and Gambling?

Other topics shared in the book include:

What are the Laws of Money?
How to decide when to sell stocks?
What are the Common Mistakes in filing Income Tax return?
How to decode Housing Loan packages?
What can we learn from the Richest Investor about Investing?
Why Robert Kiyosaki's definition of Assets and Liabilities are wrong? Understanding what is a ETF?
Understanding what is a REIT?
Outlook for Stock and Property Market in year 2012/13?
How to prepare for the next Global Financial Crisis?

and many, many other topics...

Other topics include: What is Money?
What your school taught about Investments might be all wrong?
Why study hard and work hard no longer guarantee Success?
Making sense of SIBOR vs SOR for Home Loans;
Painful Lessons I learned from Asian Financial Crisis;
7 Strategies to fatten your Wallet;
Common Misconceptions taught in Financial Planning;
How to go from Money Not Enough to Financial Freedom?

And many, many more...

All in all, a total of 42 Topics will be covered in this book...
Why Euro zone might disband and disintegrate in year 2012? Print E-mail

some of you might remember that I said that it'll be a matter of time Italy and Spain might get into trouble, and when it finally happens, Euro zone might be disbanded (disintegrated).

In my opinion, looks like this is likely to happen in year 2012...

Eurozone represents this "Something for NOTHING thinking and attitude"...these countries wanted to band together to have the benefits of banding together but they do NOT want the downside or costs of the "marriage"...Germany wants to exert great influence on the World Stage (2nd to U.S.) by forming Euro and being its "unofficial" leader, but does NOT want the economic burden and risks of being tied to their "brothers" in Euro zone.

Such thinking, if it was the basis of the formation of Euro, mean that Euro is doomed to fail from its start. It is just a matter of time, Euro will be disbanded, just my personal opinion.



Dennis Ng 

Read more here:


Please help Vote My Book for Popular Readers' Choice Award 2011 Print E-mail

My 2nd book "Why is Money Always Not Enough?" 为什么钱总是不够用?" has been shortlisted as Top 10 book in the Chinese category of Popular Readers Choice Award 2011.

Now, I'm in the running for Top 3 based on popular vote.

If you like my book or want to support me, please help me vote online

Anyone with NRIC can cast a vote......

Closing date: 30 Sep 2011

If you want to, you can also
copy and paste and send this as an email to your friends and urge them to help vote for me..

The Next Global Financial Crisis likely to be worse than the last and might trigger World War 3... Print E-mail

What might happen to lead to the Next Global Financial Crisis?

What would the next Global Financial Crisis entail?


I've shared my comments on what might happen very clearly in my forum since Apr 2011, here it is: http://www.masteryourfinance.c​om/forum/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?​p=12892#12892

Do You Have a Dream? Butterflies dream of Crossing the Ocean and they did it... Print E-mail

Do you have a Dream? Or have you given up on your Dream? Everything starts with a Dream...go forward, make your Dream a reality. If my sharing can inspire or encourage someone out there, then I would NOT have shared in vain.

In year 2000, I gave up everything I had in the banking sector, after working 7 years in the Corporate Lending in banks since graduation.

It was back to the starting point, back to square one, as I had to start out from almost nothing again when I gave up the Comfort of a Fixed Salary, in exchange for an undeterminable income, to become a Financial Planner...




Why Singapore Property Prices Might Fall In Year 2012? Print E-mail
15 Jun 2011 -
What's the latest news on Singapore Property Market? What's my latest view on Singapore Property Market? All summarised in this single posting at


Dennis Ng

[quote="Dennis Ng"]

Hi all,
if one analyse with a Rational and Logical Mind:

1. Interest rates now at historical low, means it can only go up, not down. Interest rates on Home Loans can shoot up to 3% to 4% based on previous experience.

2. next 2 years, more than 30,000 condo units completed, with huge supply coming, guess Rental rates will go up or down?

3. If rental rates go down and interest rates go up, guess will this make Property Investment more attractive or less attractive? Rental yield now at current rental rates is 3% to if rental rates drop, what would the revised rental yield be?

4. HDB built 8,000 units in year 2008. But for year 2011 and year 2012, going to build 26,000 units in each year, or 52,000 units in 2 years.

5. With Supply of both Condos and HDB flats expected to SURGE in next 2 years, if coupled with a slowdown in economy due to the next Global Financial Crisis, guess what will happen to Demand for properties?

6. Yesterday, on News Radio I shared that last month report show Job advertisements at Record High in 5 years, after reaching Mountain top, the way is Up or Down? Remember I share often in Seminars that Good News may be Bad News instead?

If one use a logical and rational mind to analyse ALL above factors I mentioned, will you think using Upside/Downside Analysis, which is More, Upside more or Downside more?

And what will be your Decision as to whether to invest into Condos now?

I seem to be able to see the future, not becos I know how to predict, but becos I train myself to use a Logical and Rational Mind to analyse information and draw my own conclusions.

I'm teaching all of you the Thinking Process I go through, this is Teaching. I think anyone who think through this proper Thinking Process will more or less come to the same conclusion, unless the person has a very Biased View on markets.

And if you think that instead of investing into Condos, then maybe you switch to invest into Commercial Properties (as some Trainers out there are now advocating), then you might be wrong again. I chatted with 2 multi-millionaires who specialise in investing into Commercial Properties and they shared with me their view is that now the Upside/Downside is NOT in investor's favour, and they themselves are NOT considering to buy more Commercial properties, but may sell if the price is Attractive enough for them.[/quote]



Dennis Ng

Among other things, Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Minister for National Development said on his blog last Thursday that 'sharp property price increases cannot go on forever' and that 'rapid price increase brings with it enormous risks' and 'I think it is my duty to sound an alert . . . that things can go very wrong suddenly'.

The 2H2011 GLS Programme will therefore have a total of 30 sites for residential development, including 4 EC sites and 1 commercial & residential sites, which can generate about 14,200 private residential units.

The MND revealed that 34,270 private residential units out of 68,890 are unsold as at the first quarter of 2011.

This figure may rise to about 53,000 units
if the potential supply from recently sold GLS sites and sites from the Confirmed List of the 2H2011 GLS Programme is considered. There is also an additional 4,220 EC units in the pipeline.[/b][/color][/size][size=18][color=blue][b]15 Jun 2011 New Home Sales Plunge By Half

CBRE data also show a drop in sale volumes: 3,796 new private homes were sold this year till last week, well down from the 7,189 sold in the first half of last year (Year 2010).

What's the Real Cause of Unrest from Greece in Europe to Libya in Middle East? Print E-mail

10 April 2011: When the Cash stops flowing to the men on the street, Blood starts flowing on the streets...

The Real Cause of Unrest from Greece in Europe, to Libya in Middle Eas are
1. High unemployment, especially among those between 18 to 28 years old
2. Corruption, top Tier of society "fleecing" the majority of the society.
3. Rising prices which shows in Rising Inflation rates...

The Global Financial system is a "ponzi scheme" with U.S. printing "digital" money, not even need to print Physical paper money...

And what it likely to lead to is Depression and the First Great War in 21st Century, just like in the 1929's Great Depression ended with the start of the 2nd World War in 1938...

These are the views of Gerald Celente, a Trend Forecaster who predicted the Global Financial Crisis of year 2008 before it happened...
Check out the link below:

Ex-Goldman Sachs Analyst: "Major War" Coming End Of 2012:


Dennis Ng,

Gerald Celente : what's goin on now is the begining of the first war of the 21st century is not about democracy otr theocracy or religion it is about the bottom line : Oil and money , the worldwide unrests are caused by three things particularly high unemployment particularly among the youth , think about it people 18 to 28 years old the hormones are raging and they have degrees in worthlessness , the second element is corruption , they know how corrupt things are and they know that they are never gonna get a fare shake thirdly is rising prices , food prices for example are at all time highs....."....this is not just about the middle east and north Africa this is one domino falling after another for real and we are looking at the whole economic system has been pumped up by those digital dollars not worth the paper they were not printed on " the market is a whole rigged job and big Ponzi scheme " we are looking at the first big war of the 21st century and people better prepare for it ...this is not going to stop and anybody that believes that our leaders have the answers to solve this , they better grow up..." Gerald Celente added

The Power of Leverage in Property Investment Print E-mail
The Power of Leverage in Property Investment, this is the interview conducted with me and here's the interview to share with you:

The Power of Leverage in Property Investment - An Interview with Mr Dennis Ng

By Eileen Ng, (not a relative of Dennis Ng) founder of Moolah.Asia on 01 Nov 2010

Investing in property has become an increasingly popular investment vehicle over the years and it is no longer just a rich man’s game. However, one fact that remained unchanged is that property investment is, and always has been, one of the most powerful types of investment for building wealth.

Mr Dennis Ng, founder of Singapore’s leading Mortgage Consultancy Portal explains that the key to building wealth through property investment is based on one important concept: Leverage. The basic idea of property investing is that the lesser your money you can put into buying a property, the greater your chances of making a higher return on your investment. He cannot think of any other investment that allows one to purchase with other peoples’ money (the bank’s) and pay this back with other peoples’ money (the rental income from tenants).

In this interview, Dennis will share with us how we can make good use of housing loans to invest in multiple properties and why he started HousingLoanSg to provide unbiased advice on loan packages to the public.

Can you share with us how HousingLoanSG works and what is your involvement in the company?
We are a Loan Consultancy company that helps to compare all the housing loan and commercial property loan packages and provide unbiased advice. So instead of having to contact each individual bank, you just need to give us a call and we will filter through the available packages from all the banks and recommend the most suitable option for you.

What inspired you to set up HousingLoanSG ?
I worked 7 years in the corporate banking sector before leaving the bank to be a Financial Planner in year 2000. Because of my background, many clients and friends came to ask for my opinion regarding their housing loan agreement. I found out that many of them did not receive proper advice catered to their specific needs and the reason they came to me was that they trusted me more than the banks.

Also, my passion is to help people achieve financial freedom. But I realized that most of the things I do as a financial planner take a long time to see the effect. For example if I apply for insurance for a client, he’ll only know I did a good job until something really happen and that ‘something’ may occur 10 years from now. Even for unit trust investment, it’ll probably take about 3-5 years before a client witness the results of the portfolio I’m managing for him. But for housing loan, the result is instant. I can show the clients that Package A can save them $10,000 and immediately they will be $10,000 richer.

So setting up HousingLoanSg is in a way killing two birds with one stone. I am offering a service that many people needed but nobody was providing at that point of time, and this is the one of the fastest ways I can help to improve their financial situation. 
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