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Dennis is Launching First Chinese/English Book On Personal Finance in Singapore! Print E-mail

The day has finally come. After working hard for the last few months, I’m finally ready to launch my first Book, which is also the Very First Chinese/English Book on Personal Finance in Singapore at Suntec City Convention Hall 402 – 404 (Level 4) from 29 May to 7 Jun 2009.


Please visit the booth by MarketAsia Distributor, which is my book distributor (Leading Book Distributor in Singapore).


We have arranged an autograph signing session on 6 Jun 2009, 4 pm to 5 pm. We are offering a Special 20% Discount to the Book at the Singapore Book Fair.



Autograph Signing by Dennis Ng on Date: 6 June (Sat) Time : 4-5pm

Dennis is launching this book to commemorate the setting up of a Financial Education Website:

This First Chinese/English Book (Bilingual) Book on Personal Finance is entitled “Mastering Your Personal Finance” and in Chinese is entitled “Li Cai Zhang Men Ren”.


Dennis’ Personal Mission in life is to help educate the public on Financial Matters so as to empower you to Master Your Finance, Master Your Destiny!

Singapore Book Fair Details:

Date: 29 May - 7 Jun 09

Time: 11am - 10pm

Venue: Suntec City Convention Hall 402 - 404 (Level 4)


Description of Singapore Book Fair:
Largest English & Chinese bookfair in the region for Publishers, Distributors, retailers of Children books, General and Reference books, Teachers' Resource materials, Best Sellers, Novels, Comics, Educational Softwares, Magazines, Periodicals, Online Products, Encyclopeadia, IQ Toys, Stationery, Arts & Crafts and more.

Organizer: Marshall Cavendish Business Information / SPH


Dennis Ng



Testimonials for the Seminar "How to Save & Accumulate One Million Dollars" Print E-mail


Both my wife and I have attended your "How to Save and Accumulate One Million Dollars" seminar, and we would like to thank you for all the valuable knowledge we learnt from you.  - Lim Yuen Main


I felt that the Seminar was great value , much can be learnt from the seminar whether you are familiar or not famliar with investing. I would strongly recommend this seminar to those who feel that they want the motivation as well as the inspiration to begin their journey towards financial freedom.

- Weilun, Sales Manager, Maisons De Commercez Pte Ltd



I am excited to share with you all the lessons I learnt from this seminar I attended last Sat. This seminar is worth investing your time to attend and it might change your life as it had for me. - Katherine Lye



Actually I have been looking out for your kind of course for quite some time already.

Ever since the start of the crisis, it hit upon me the Singapore's norm of "get a good job and you will be ok" is not valid anymore. I started seeing many of my long serving colleagues getting the pink slips one by one. That is when I thought I need to find an alternative, a passive income of sort, so I am less dependent on one source of income. 

I started reading up but many of the books are U.S. focus.  So you can image how delighted I am when I found out that you will be conducting the seminar. :)

Once again I congratulate you and your team for a very successful seminar launch. :) - Roland Liew


I learned how to manage wealth, grow my money and invest the right way. - Kandy Goh 

"Commonsense isn't common. Yet Dennis has that plus the local knowledge to help us apply it to improve our lives financially." - Serene Loong

What We Can Learn from Jim Rogers, a Billionaire Investor... Print E-mail

Sunday Times published an interview with Jim Rogers recently in Me & My Money Column.


What I find revealing is that we can see in the interview with Jim Rogers that:


1. Making lots of money is not really his motivation. He enjoys what he does, finding out about how the world works, what are the trends, and profitting from spotting trends.


2. He is a billionaire, yet he does not even see the NEED to own a Car in Singapore. On the other hand, in Singapore, I've seen people earning S$3,000 and yet buy a car.


3. The most important things to him and what he treasues most is his Family. We have seen real life sad stories of people forsaking kinship to fight over money....


4. He's a living example of how a person can pursue his passion and thereby achieving both wealth and fulfillment.


5. Even an American such as Jim Rogers sees the importance of learning Mandarin, that is why he moved his family to Singapore. On the other hand, we have read of Singapore families migrating to other countries so that their children can "avoid" learning Chinese. How ironical.


6. It is possible to predict. 1 year ago, he predicted that Temasek Holdings would lose lots of money investing into financial firms. Back in 1999, he predicted the bull market in commodities as well. When a person gains experience, he also gains insight and foresight.

P.S. I just read that Temasek Holdings lost billions of dollars buying/selling Bank of America Shares. On the other hand, I bought Bank of America shares at US$6.98 and sold at US$14.55 recently, making 108% in a few short months. It is a nice feeling to know that the scholars at Temasek Holdings might not be that "street smart" in investing afterall.


7. He says that he needs very little money...yes, one does not need to have much money to be happy and fulfilled. I hope that more people would realise this sooner than later.




Dennis Ng, - When You Master Your Finance, You Master Your Destiny!

Has a New Bull Market Started? Print E-mail

Has a New Bull Market Begun?

From the low on 9 Mar 2009, Global stock markets have been rising for the last 9 weeks consecutively.
One month ago, some analysts were very bearish on the market, one month later, they are making a 180 degree change in their views and become extremely bullish, such “hingsight analysis” is really laughable.
In Jan 2009, I wrote in an article that Global Stock Markets are likely to bottom in year 2009. Thus, you would know that I don’t make hindsight analysis.
Is it certain that a new Bull market has begun? Some might say:”definitely!”
However, my personal opinion is that there are 3 possible scenarios.....
Dennis is Launching the First Bilingual Book on Personal Finance in Singapore soon! Print E-mail

One of Dennis' mentor said to him:"Dennis, if you give a person a fish, you can only feed him for a day. If you teach him how to fish, he'll never go hungry again."


Dennis will be launching the Very First Bilingual Book on Personal Finance in Singapore, which is probably the First Bilingual Book on Personal Finance in Asia as well.


Both the English and Chinese content of the book are written by Dennis himself, this is no mean feat since Dennis is actually "English" Educated. Today, most people in Singapore might not even be comfortable reading Chinese book, but because "Chinese content on Personal Finance" is very lacking in Singapore, Dennis has taken pains to polish his Chinese so that he can provide the public with valuable Chinese content on Personal Finance.


He also hopes that the "Bilingual" content of the book can "motivate" Singaporeans to learn to love reading Chinese books.


We will be launching a Special Offer for Bulk Order of this "History in the Making" in Bilingual Book for Personal Finance. Watch out for it!  

Have Markets Bottomed or Is It a Bear Markety Rally? Print E-mail

As shown in the table below, the major US indices have moved to within spitting distance of the important 200-day moving averages and the early January highs. On the downside, the levels from where the nascent rally commenced on March 9 should hold in order for the upward trend to remain intact.


The Bullish Percent Index, showing the percentage of S&P 500 constituents that are currently in bullish mode as a result of point-and-figure buy signals, has increased from 1.6% in October to 12.8% in March to the current figure of 74.8% - a positive, albeit short-term overbought, figure.

The number of S&P 500 stocks trading above their respective 200-day moving averages has increased to 47.8% from almost zero in October. This is a lagging indicator, but for a primary uptrend to be confirmed the bulk of the index constituents need to trade above their 200-day averages. (The 50-day reading is now 91.0% - the highest since October 2006 and calling for at least some consolidation of the recent gains.)

On the question of whether this is a suckers’ rally or the real deal, Société Générale’s co-chief strategist James Montier weighed in on the subject in his latest investment newsletter (as discussed by FT Alphaville). He said he didn’t have a clue and was therefore buying insurance to protect on the downside. “Two methods of insurance stand out. Either I could buy index puts (relatively cheap at the moment) or I could construct individual short positions,” added Montier.

“Be careful about jumping into the stock market with both feet after this monumental rally. Consider whether or not it would be more appropriate to take advantage of the run-up to reduce equity exposure,” Merrill Lynch’s chief North American economist, David Rosenberg, wrote in his final missive (as reported by Barron’s) ahead of his previously announced departure from the firm.

Jeremy Grantham’s (GMO) take on the stock market outlook is summarized in his recent quarterly newsletter, in which he says: “The current stimulus is so extensive globally that surely it will kick up the economies of at least some of the larger countries, including the US and China, by late this year or early next year. (This seems about 80% probable to me, anyway.) Anticipating this, we should expect a stock market recovery - which normally leads economic recovery by six months, plus or minus two - sometime between two months ago and, say, August, which the astute reader will realize implies that this rally may already be it.”

In my assessment, and as written in a post last week, the thawing of credit markets and the return of confidence augur well for the outlook for equities and provide further evidence that US stock markets are mapping out a base development formation. The early-January highs and 200-day moving averages are the next important targets and a break above these levels would signal the completion of the base formation and a secular bottom (as has already been seen in leading markets such as China and Brazil). Only then will the corpse of the bear be put to rest.


Meanwhile, the speed and sheer magnitude of the rally argue for markets to either consolidate or retrace some of the past nine weeks’ gains prior to moving higher.

Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy... Print E-mail

Be Greedy when Others are Fearful, Be Fearful when Others are Greedy. These are wise words from Warren Buffett, the Richest Investor in the whole world.


A few months ago, when there was alot of uncertainties, I decided to buy some shares in 2 U.S. Banks, I only bought these 2 banks becos they were already announced to be 2 of the 9 Banks U.S. Government will support to ensure that they don't fail.


I bought CITIGROUP (at average cost of US$1.30) and Bank of America (at average cost of US$6.98) me, it was quite unbelieveable to be able to buy CITIGROUP shares (its Global brand name already worth billions of dollars) at a price cheaper than a Mcdonald's Big Mac in U.S....


Note: Temasek Holdings also converted preference shares into CITIGROUP shares at US$'s a nice feeling to know I bought at about 1/3 the price what Temasek Holdings paid.


Sold some of my shares yesterday, CITIGROUP at US$4.01 and Bank of America at US$14.55.....not bad, to NET (Realised Profits) over 200% for CITIGROUP and over 108% for Bank of America shares....


Anyway, the latest Stress Test confirms neither CITIGROUP nor Bank of America have any risk of collapsing.....but they do need to raise Capital......are the stock prices being pushed up so that these banks can raise Capital through Rights Issue? Possible. Think about it.


Above are just my personal comments, it is not meant as Investment Advice and not suggesting anyone to buy/hold/sell CITIGROUP and/or Bank of America's shares.


Has the Bear Market Ended? Print E-mail

In order to gather some perspective on the current stock market rally, Chart of the Day highlighted the duration (calendar days) and magnitude (percentage gain) of all significant Dow rallies that occurred during the 1929-1932 bear market (solid blue dots). By means of illustration, the bear market rally that began in October 1931 lasted 35 calendar days and resulted in a gain of 35%. “… the current Dow rally (hollow blue dot labeled ‘You are here’) is slightly below average in both duration and magnitude relative to the average 1929-1932 bear market rally (hollow red dot),” said Chart of the Day.


Source: Chart of the Day, May 1, 2009.

Do You Want to Get Rich Quick? Print E-mail

Do you want to Get Rich Quick? Well, everyday in newspapers, I can see all sort of advertisements promising to teach you how to Get Rich Quick….through Option Investing, Forex Investing, Stock Trading etc, etc.


Do you want the Truth? The truth is there is NO such thing as Get Rich Quick.

What Did Robert Kioysaki Get It Wrong in Cashflow Quadrant? Print E-mail

Many people read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. Many also read another book by him entitled "Cashflow Quadrant". I read the book in 1998, it was one of the first few books on Personal Finance I read when I started learning about Personal Finance back then.


Many people had the wrong concept that they want to move from "left quadrant" (employed and self-employed) to "right quadrant" (investor and entrepreneur).


It's all wrong! Why? Becos as far as I know, the most wealthy people in the world typically are in ALL 4 quadrants, ie. they're "employee", "self-employed", "entrepreneur" and Investor". All 4, not 2 or 1 quadrants.



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