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Both Seminars 23 May and 30 May Fully sold out, Next Seminar on 27 Jun 2009.... Print E-mail

Seats are going fast! 6 days after our Seminar was launched, ALL 180 seats (80 seats for 23 May and 100 seats for 30 May 2009) are fully taken up.


By popular demand, we will hold the 3rd session on 27 Jun 2009 (Sat), same time, same venue at SMU....grab your seats now at the Special Introductory Price now before they are gone.


Note: This seminar will be conducted in English.


Click on the following url to register for the Seminar Now!





Dennis Ng, - When You Master Your Finance, You Master Your Destiny!


What Are The Differences Between Employee and Entrepreneur? Print E-mail

what are the differences between an entrepreneur and an employee.


I thought for it for a while and here's my reply:


the greatest difference in my opinion between an entrepreneur and an employee is this:


Employees place a lot of emphasis and importance and they want Comfort and Security. They want the security of a fixed pay cheque and they treasure their "comfort zone".


For an entrepeneur, the No. 1 thing he/she is looking for is actually Freedom. Freedom to determine his/her own destiny.


Most people cannot handle freedom well. Most people are not suitable to be self-employed or in business. Becos as Millionairemind said, our most precious asset is Time. Most people if given TOTAL freedom will be wasting away their time.

What Are The Challenges of Starting a Business? Print E-mail

I’ve been nominated for Spirit of Enterprise Award (SOE). This Award is not possible without your valuable contribution and support. Below are excerpts of the interview (SOE) had with me.


P.S. Spirit of Enterprise is an award to promote and honour entrepreneurship among Small and Medium Enterprises in Singapore. Fellow Nominees for Year 2007 include Lim Hock Chee of Sheng Siong Supermarket, Ivan Lee of Thai Express restaurant, David Gan of Passion Hair Salon, Benny Chua of Choz, amongst other nominees.


What are some of the challenges in starting a business from scratch?


Of course, there are times we tried certain business strategies that didn't work out. As a Chinese saying goes: "the starting part is always the most difficult."

However, if a person is really passionate, failure would not be an option, and they will never think of quitting. A famous example is Thomas Edison. Nobody in the right mind will do the same thing ten thousand times (in making the light bulb).

The Secret to Becoming Great Is This... Print E-mail

While conventional wisdom dictates that go-getters get things and become successful, I disagree with this view. In my opinion, I believe in "givers-get".


I believe that the greatest people give the most and serves the most.


Give and you shall receive. Give more, receive more. Give little, receive little. This is how simple the Universal Law is.


Think of this, who do you think is the person who serves the most people in the whole world, be it directly or indirectly? 

Any Link Between Academic Results and Wealth Accumulation? Print E-mail

My comments:
wealth accumulation and academic results have NO relation in my opinion.


However, if you think you can be a school drop out and be rich and successful, it might also be self-deceiving. Because many people who drop out of school is due to the fact that they DO NOT have self-discipline. A person without self-discipline would NOT go very far.

Dennis Shares the 5 Laws of Money... Print E-mail

The 5 Laws of Money (Gold).

The book entitled “The Richest Man in Babylon” in my opinion, is really one of the “classics” in Personal Finance.

It’s first published in year 1926, 81 years ago! However, what the book shares are “Financial Principles” which are as useful and practical today, as they were, when first published in year 1926.

I’ve personally benefited from the book tremendously and applying the principles therein and have experienced improvement in my own finances.



Dennis Ng,

My Mentor Taught Me The Magic of Thinking Big... Print E-mail
I remember 3 years ago, I shared with my mentor I want to accumulate my first million in 5 years.

He looked at me and asked me:"why 5 years? Why not 3 years?"

At that time, I was thinking even $1 million in 5 years is a little of a stretch, so 3 years was a little unbelieveable for me....

Then my mentor shared with me the magic of thinking Big.

Richest Man Says Success Is Not Measured In Monetary Terms... Print E-mail

Success is NOT measured in monetary terms. If the Richest man on earth says this, I think it is worth you taking note of.


Below is transcript of a webcast featuring Warren Buffett at the IMD, the world’s leading business school that I read.


Dennis Ng, 


How important is money to you?

The More I Learn, The More I Discover That... Print E-mail

Over the years, I discover that the more I know, the more I found out there is so much that I do not know. Thus, everyday is a learning experience to me.


Sometimes, I've learned the most from conversations which I didn't even expect....for instance, I've learned alot of wisdom from different taxi drivers during conversations in a taxi.


And once, I also spoke to a nun, who herself also personally experienced the power of "whatever our minds can Conceive and Believe in, we can Achieve".....a place and conversation which I least expect.


I've also learned alot from young children, on their boundless enthusiasm and how anything and everything can be a joy and wonder to them. Most toddlers are a joy to look at becos of the joy they express. Most adults walk around with a Frown, and wonder why they are not happy.


The Best Advice Given by Warren Buffett Print E-mail

Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of all time, shared his priceless wisdom with Emory’s grad students at a recent Q & A. Although, his investing strategy is amazing I really liked these particular answers a lot.



“I enjoy what I do, I tap dance to work every day. I work with people I love, doing what I love. I spend my time thinking about the future, not the past. The future is exciting.



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