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What Investment Give you 100% Capital Guarantee? Print E-mail
As the financial crisis deepens, Capital Preservation - How to Protect Your Capital from losing its value become important. However, most investments out there only give you Capital Guarantee when the company (Bank/Insurer) is OK, if the company goes bust, your capital is gone.

Are there investments out there that can give you 100% Capital Guarantee even if the company (Insurer) collapses? The answer is yes, and the investment is known as TradedEndowment.  

(IFAs) or  Independent Financial Advisers look to Traded Endowments for guarantees and returns
Dennis Shares How Market Cycle Investing Can Reduce Risks Print E-mail

Observing nature, we will notice cycles. There are, for instance, four seasons, with the cold winter followed by blossoms in the spring.


And just when everyone is having fun in the sun, it is good to be mindful that the temperature will drop as autumn approaches. By the same token, he who is not prepared with sufficient clothing might freeze in the winter.


Similarly, in the financial markets, there are market cycles where busts follow booms and vice versa.


Dennis Predicted Stock Market Crash 1 year in advance, how did he do it? Print E-mail

Someone asked me a question on How I can predict the "future". Below is his question and my reply for your easy reference.


Dennis Ng,  

Dennis, you predicted the stock market crash and Global Financial Crisis, are you a Prophet, can you tell the future? How do you predict the future?

My reply below:

I don't really predict. I can appear to you to be predicting the future, but actually what I do is learning from past Crisis, including Asian Crisis, to "foretell" by learning from history, learning from past mistakes, those made by others and myself.

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