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Dennis' Book is now No. 3 Best Selling Book in Popular Bookstores! Print E-mail

Within 1 month's time, my book, Mastering Your Personal Finance,"如何做个理财掌门人", the First Chinese/English (Bilingual) book on Personal Finance became the No. 3 Best Selling Book in Popular Bookstores in Singapore!


Oops, I cannot believe it, my book is NO longer No. 3 Best Seller at Popular Book Stores, it is NOW No. 2 Best Seller, up from No. 3...


Our Client Shared the Best Investment She Made This Year... Print E-mail

I think the best investment I made this year was to attend your recent workshop on 'How to Save & Accumulate One Million Dollars" with my two sons. The workshop jolted me to the reality of what inflation can do to my hard earned money and gave me hope to grow my hard earned money more than I dare imagine. It also helped me bond with my two boys even more than ever. At least now they know why Mummy is so tight fisted with their pocket money and family spending and I did what you did with your child when he threw a tantrum in public, when I didn't buy him the toy he wanted.  Thank you for sharing with us  your successful strategies and I hope to be financially independent as soon as possible. - Dorothy Chee

U.S. Stock Market Might Retreat... Print E-mail

By Leah Schnurr

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wall Street may have momentum on its side next week as the S&P 500 tries to puncture the 1,000 level, but the rally's staying power will depend on whether U.S. data and corporate earnings provide more signs of economic stabilization.


In a busy week of data, the most crucial report will be a look at the number of jobs lost in July as measured by the Labor Department's non-farm payrolls report.


While unemployment is expected to remain high even as the economy begins to recover, analysts are anticipating the data will show the economy shed fewer jobs than the month before.


Among companies expected to release results are Dow components Procter & Gamble (PG.N), Kraft (KFT.N) and Cisco



The broad Standard & Poor's 500 index .SPX recorded its best five-month streak since 1938 on Friday with July's gains as more corporate earnings beat expectations and data suggested the worst of the economic slump was over.


More companies will release their quarterly scorecards, though the bulk of the earnings season is out of the way with 67 percent of S&P companies having reported. The better-than-expected results have driven the most recent leg of the rally.


But with a 46 percent gain from March's 12-year low, the S&P 500 could be ripe for a pullback, especially if the week's data is less encouraging.


"I still sense from the portfolio managers and traders we deal with that even though we have nice upside momentum, they have their fingers on the trigger and aren't going to stick around if some bad data comes out," said Brian Daley, sales trader at Conifer Securities in New York.



Investors will be watching the S&P to see if it can breach 1,000, a key technical and psychological mark. The market will face resistance getting to that point, but piercing 1,000 could also be perceived as a buy signal, causing the market to rally even higher.


The market tested the level earlier in the week, coming within about 4 points but was unable to get any further.


"The price movements have been dramatic and impressive," said Keith Springer, president of Capital Financial Advisory Services in Sacramento, California.


"The volume has not been as impressive. I think that we're going to have to see better data in the weeks ahead to actually support it."


So far, 74 percent of S&P companies that have reported have beaten Wall Street's expectations, according to data from Thomson Reuters. Analysts point out that the expectations were a low hurdle to jump, questioning the strength of results that have come on the back of cost cutting and layoffs.

What Can the Government Do to Affect Property Prices? Print E-mail

On 30 July 2009, Minister of National Development, Mr Mah Bow Tan warned that government will not hesitate to take action to stop massive speculation in property market.



What are the things that government can do to "affect" property prices?



In year 2007, Government removed the "Deferred Payment Scheme" for properties, and property prices developers replaced with "similar" Interest Absorption Scheme"....what if Govt also remove this scheme?



What if government tightened up usage of CPF property?



What if government announce they increase supply of New HDB flats? Would that affect resale HDB flat prices, and indirectly low-end mass market condo prices?



What if govt release more land for condos?



What if government re-introduce Capital Gain Taxes on property speculation?



There are many things govt can do to stop property prices in its track.



So, before you rush to buy a condo in Ang Mo Kio selling at S$1,150 psf, even higher than Peak prices in year 2007, think about it carefully.



P.S. Please note that I do not gain (in fact I lose) by sharing any negative information about property market, since I own a company, which is in the business of helping people source for BEST deal in Housing Loans in Singapore.




Dennis Ng

Your Seminar Gave Me the Breakthrough that T. Harv Eker Didn't Print E-mail

I attended your seminar, "How to save and accumulate One Million Dollars" on 27 June 09.


The seminar was definitely a break-through for me though I have personally attended T. Harv Eker's seminar last year. After attending your seminar, I sold my car after assessing my current finances and I am able to save at least $500 per month now.



I am glad that I am able to attend this seminar and hope you can continue spreading the importance of financial literacy to everyone in Singapore. - Irene Wong

Temasek Lost S$40 billion while Dennis Gained 10% Print E-mail

Read that Temasek Holdings' investments slumped by more than S$40 billion in the crisis. On the other hand, my overall investment portfolio actually gained about 10% from start of Crisis in 2007 todate.


I'm smarter than Temasek Holdings? Cannot be right? But at least my investments did better.


Dennis Ng,


July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Temasek Holdings Pte, reeling from the aborted appointment of Charles “Chip” Goodyear, said the value of its assets slumped by more than S$40 billion ($27.7 billion) and that Singapore’s sovereign fund may allow public investment for the first time.

Is Singapore Property Market Over-priced? Print E-mail

Is Singapore Property Over-priced?


According to some statistics, the average Household income in Singapore is about S$6,000. According to prudent Financial Planning guidelines, a person's monthly Housing Loan instalment should not exceed 35% of one's monthly income.


Thus, assuming a person borrow 80% Loan compared to purchase price, taking a 25 years loan, assuming average interest rates of 4%, maximum Housing Loan a person with Monthly Household income of S$6,000 should take is about S$400,000, or work out to maximum purchase price of S$500,000.


I am informed that a new (99 year leasehold) condo at Ang Mo Kio is selling at S$1,150 psf, which means that a person buying a 900 sf unit at this Ang Mo Kio condo pays about S$1,035,000 for this house. And according to prudent Financial Planning principles, this person should have Monthly Household Income of AT LEAST S$12,000.



Are there many people in Singapore with Household income of over S$12,000 a month, I reckon might be less than 10% of all Singapore households.


Thus, if we analyse from this angle, I would reckon that selling a condo in Ang Mo Kio for S$1,150 psf is over-priced. History does not bode well for things that are over-priced, likelihood is for the price to be adjustd downwards to normalcy when euphoria is over.


Other information to take note:


1. Singapore unemployment rate is 4.8% and expected to exceed 5%.

2. Rental rates for condos are still falling, not rising.

3. According to URA statistics, there are about over 40,000 units of condos to be completed in the next 3 years.

4. Current prices of New condo launch at Ang Mo Kio is even higher than at peak in year 2007.



I should probably be the last person in Singapore that you expect to say anything negative about Property in Singapore, since by now you should know that I own the leading Mortgage Consultancy firm in Singapore and our business is helping people to compare ALL Housing Loan packages from ALL banks to help them find the best deal. I cannot complain, becos the last 2 months, we are doing a roaring business, and the more excited and euphoric people get, the more properties are sold, and the better is my business.



However, I cannot help but write this newsletter to voice the concern I have for home buyers who are jumping into the property market as if there is NO tomorrow, that they are willing to pay for any price for their "Home Sweet Home". If you need to stretch yourself financially to buy a house, then you're in danger of making it become "Home Sweat Home" instead of Home Sweet Home".



I seem to be the lone voice in this current market of euphoria and excitement and I hope you don't call me a doomsayer as some people called me that in year 2007 when I warned that stock prices were over-priced then.



Please take note that I don't have a crystal ball and I don't claim to be able to predict the future. In year 2007, i said that stock markets were over-priced becos back then China Stock Market was trading at Price Earning ratio of 50 times, which means that the annual returns of investing into China Stock Market is 2% (too low) or another way to look at it is it takes 50 years for you to recover your principal if you invest in China Stock market. The China Stock Market looked over-priced then.


Thereafter, China stock market peaked at 6,100 points (I warned when it was 5,000 points, I'm never good at timing) and crashed to 1,700 points. Now, with the recovery in last 6 months, it is trading at about 3,400 points (almost 100% up from its low, but if you had invested at its high of 6,100 points, you're still staring at 44% Loss).



Note: above is just my personal opinion. This e-newsletter is not giving you advice.

Unleash Wealth in Your Life in 3-day Seminar in Sep 2009 Print E-mail

3 Full-Day Chinese Semnar: Unleash Wealth in Your Life (点醒人生的财富)  


Date: 5, 6 and 7 Sep 2009.

Venue: Furama Hotel Ballroom, 5th floor

Time: 9 am to 5 pm daily (Registration starts at 8.15 am).

Fee: Usual Price is S$698. Special Early Bird Offer S$298 for July 2009. Price to be revised upwards in Aug 2009.

Special Free Gift: You get Dennis' book "Mastering Your Personal Finance" Retail Price of S$19.90 FREE when you get your tickets from this website.

Hurry, seats are limited. You can register and pay for the Seminar at this url:

At this 3 Full-Day Chinese Seminar, you have the chance to learn not from one, but from 4 superb trainers.

They are:

1. Mr Lin Wei Xian - Founder of Doers Group and world-wide acclaimed Chinese Trainer and Speaker for "Chinese Money & You Workshop". He'll be sharing with you how to increase sales and profits exponentially and how to maximise your time and resources to create massive wealth.

2. Mr Guo Teng Yi - COO of Doers Group, author of over 30 books including Chinese Best Seller, "How to make your brand shine". He'll be sharing how to have success and fulfillment by injecting creativity and innovation in your business and life!

3. Ms Wu Juan Yu - she has conducted over 5,000 seminars teaching about relationship. She is known as the "Master in Relationship and Growth" in Taiwan, she'll be sharing how to make your marriage and relationship work for you and your business!

4. Mr Dennis Ng Wu Jia Wan - a renowned Financial Expert in Singapore, founder of, the No. 1 Mortgage Consultancy Portal in Singapore and author of best selling Chinese/English book on Personal Finance - "Mastering Your Personal Finance". He'll be sharing useful tips on managing your finances and how to grow your wealth and how to invest to increase returns and reduce risks.

At this 3-day Seminar, (on 5, 6 and 7 Sep 2009), you learn how to

1. maximise your potential
2. maximise your time to create exponential results
3. how to increase your company's sales and profits exponentially
4. How to be more Creative and Let Creativity and Innovation work for you!
5. How to manage and improve your relationship with your loved ones
6. How to plan and manage your finances wisely?
7. How to avoid losing money in investing?
8. the 3 Keys to investing that can reduce your risk and increase your returns!

Special Free Gift: You get Dennis' book "Mastering Your Personal Finance" Retail Price of S$19.90 FREE when you get your tickets from this website.


Hurry, seats are limited. You can register and pay for the Seminar at this url:

How to Teach Financial Literacy to Children? Print E-mail

Dennis was invited to speak on Channel 8 "Good Morning Singapore" on 19 July 2009 (Friday) 7.30 am to share about some of the concepts in his book "Mastering Your Personal Finance".

P.S. this is the First Chinese/English Book on Personal Finance in Singapore, yes, you didn't read wrongly, it has BOTH Chinese and English Content and is now available in major bookstores such as Popular, Kinokuniya, MPH, Times and Page One.

The topic is How to teach Children Financial Literacy? (Part 1)

What are the things he shared? The topics shared include:

How to teach your kids Financial Literacy? How to teach them the difference between Price and Value? If your kids want you to buy a toy, should you say yes or no? Is giving your children whatever they want the solution?
Watch the video on youtube to find out more...


How to teach Children Financial Literacy? (Part 2)



What are the things he shared? The topics shared include:
At what age can you start teaching children about investing? What are the simple and interesting ways to teach them about investing? Should we allow our children to make mistakes in managing their finances? Should we educate our children that money is difficult to earn? All these and more are explained by Dennis Ng.
Watch the video on youtube to find out more...

you can buy the book online at Special Price of S$15.90 only, 20% off the retail price of S$19.90. Upon payment, we will arrange to mail the Physical book to you in about 2 weeks' time. FREE mailing in Singapore, no extra charges.

You can order and pay for the book at this url:

What Warren Buffett, George Soros and Jim Rogers Share in Common? Print E-mail

Warren Buffett is famous for Value Investing, George Soros famous as a Trader, and Jim Rogers famous as a Trend Investor, their investment strategies are very different, but do they share anything in common? Let us share with you what they share in common.  


Firstly, ALL of them, neither Buffett, nor Soros nor Rogers care about what other people think. That’s one of their real strengths. Nor do they care what the markets will or won’t do.


The bottom line is that Soros, Buffett and Rogers have demonstrated time and again that they’ll only make a move when they’re darned good and ready - when they’ve done all they can to scope out the situation at hand, and done everything possible to make sure that the percentages are in their favor.


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