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When asked what I like to share with fellow entrepreneurs on winning the SME1 Asia Award, I said:"always think about how you can serve your customers better, because when you do that, you will win the hearts of your customers, whether you win any award or not."
- Dennis Ng, CEO and Founder of Pte Ltd and Top 5 Winner of SME1 Asia Award for Emerging Entrepreneur Category
yes, government is going to raise retirement age from 62 to 65. The question is not whether people are willing or want to continue to work beyond age 62, the question is whether they can find a job and what kind of job can they find when they are aged 62 and above?

I don't think many elderly people who I now see working as toilet cleaners or cleaners in hawker centres and food courts really choose to work as Cleaner but more of they cannot find other jobs...

Thus, the best thing we can do as individual is to increase our Financial Knowledge and learn to master our finances. Read the full article here:
My 2nd book "Why is Money Always Not Enough?" 为什么钱总是不够用?" won the Inaugural Popular Readers' Choice Award 2011 for Chinese Category!

These are the top 10 nominees for the Readers' Choice Award for 3 categories:


The award is based on votes by Readers. So this award is NOT possible without all of your tremendous support! I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for making another of my Dream come True!


Imagine Chinese is only my 2nd Language, and imagine a Chinese 2nd language student writing a 100% Chinese book and winning a Book Award for Chinese Category against other accomplished writers such as Liang Wen Fook, to me, it is really quite an amazing journey! 


Below are some photos taken:

Is it possible for an average Singaporean earning S$6,000 a month to become a Millionaire in 15 years?


In 15 years, total income he earned is S$1.08 million. Is it possible to accumulate S$1 million in the same period? It is indeed possible, Dennis proved that this can be done by doing just that!



Welcome to   Your one stop financial training and resources portal.

We offer wide selection of SEMINARS and WORKSHOP for individuals and/or corporate entities.


We also provide useful publications, resources, tips and latest development of current financial affairs.


By popular request, we have been conducting this ONLY One of its Kind Seminar (including teaching you how to save 50% in Insurance Premiums and the Secrets of Success and Secrets of the Rich etc, etc), once a month, since May 2009. 


To find out the Schedule of our up-coming seminars, please email to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at 6339 9255._



Click here for more information on “How to Save and Accumulate One Million Dollars” Seminar.

Or click here to book your seat(s) right now. Hurry, limited seats available !


2 Full-days Secrets to Making Money in Stocks Seminar:



1 Full-day Secrets to Making Money in Property Seminar: 


Why Do the Poor Remain Poor? Poor can become Rich if they do these...




How can the Poor Become Rich? Dennis shares concepts from his book "Mastering Your Personal Finance" on TV!






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