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Testimonials from recent Seminars

Fundamental analysis is important but TA has taught me when to buy and sell! Value for money. Keep up the good work!

- Yehudi Yeo (April 2013)

It is very knowledgable course which should be greatly promoted

- Pok Tam Soon (April 2013)

This seminar is highly recommended for Beginners as well as people who are seeking to improve their investment skills

- Hung Seow Wee (April 2013)

Very useful and practical info- if followed and practiced will succeed.

- Amir Syahir (April 2013)

This is the only seminar that teaches FA & TA as investment tool

- Kenny Kwan (April 2013)

The financial knowledge gained is worth beyond the cost of the seminar

- Tay Lai Huat (Mar 2013)

Very useful. It is a very holistic programme for anyone who is interested in financial planning

- Chia Chan Kong Allen (Mar 2013)

Good overall coverage of how to plan own financial

- Ng Kok Kiang (Mar 2013)

I have cleared my doubts for my financial journey

- Lee Yong Chiang (Mar 2013)

Simple to digest, straightforward presentation – Highly recommended if you are keen to acquire knowledge on self-mastery of finance.

- Low Cheok Mung (Nov 12)

Insightful, practicable, and realizable application to achieving financial freedom.

Poh Eng Heng (Nov 12)

Learnt many tips that we can apply immediately, no downside, only up!

- Tan Wang Leng (Nov 12)

Great speakers with lots of energy. Keep it up!

Karen Low (Nov 12)

A seminar which give a good overview of wealth accumulation

You Sean Chung (Nov 12)

This course provides me with very good insight in investing. Well structured presentation, fair comments & enjoyable.

 Andrew Mak (Nov 12)

Well organize, good place for learning, have a system. Is a very interesting topic, I gain a lot of these knowledge through speakers.

 - Koline Lim (Nov 12)

Very good and informative. I’ve learnt a lot. Speakers are very knowledge & approachable.

Lee Tian (Nov 12)

One of the most value added seminar that I’ve ever attended.

 Lim Kheng Ern (Nov 12)

The quality of the seminar is being maintained despite the demise of founder.

- Lim Han Yeong (Nov 12)

Financial literacy is the key to financial freedom! A day well spent. Keep up the good work.

- Yehudi Yeo (Nov 12)

Excellent insight info SG property market for investor.

- Morningstar Lim (Nov 12)

A good introduction to basic principles of investing.

- Lim Sin Thai (Nov 12)

Content is very rich and practical. Relevant websites were introduced as additional source of information and enabled attendees to gain more knowledge

- Lim Soh Hia (Oct 12)

Appreciate the kind advise and sharing during the seminar - I learnt a lot!

- Wendy Chia (Oct 12)

Explanation was very clear and the session overall was exciting!

- Chan Chee Chiew (Oct 12)

Give me the confidence to start investing

- Tay Boon Yong (Oct 12)

You have made Stock Investing very easy and interesting to learn

- Pei Boon Gee (Sep 12)

Before attending this Seminar, I knew nothing about Stocks. Now, I am grateful that I have learnt alot over these 2 days

- Lim Khee Beng (Sep 12)

A difficult topic put together in a clear, easy to comprehend manner

- Low Cheok Mung (Sep 12)

This seminar is informative and packed with concrete advise and examples that are applicable to the real world

- Amanda Tan (Sep 12)

Informative guidance and real life example given so that we can relate

- Andy Chan (Sep 12)

Good presentation. The talk had meet our objective

- Dave Oh (Sep 12)

The coaches are very committed and full of passion to share and impart skill to students

- Henry Seet (Sep 12)

Very energetic and enthusiastic speakers who are very warm and helpful

- Charmaine Ong (Sep 12)

The course provided very valuable information & resources for property purchasing.

- Karen Chow (Sep 12)

The positive mindset that I should first possess before anything else. Insurances information that I've gained was really valuable

- Wong Wai Fong (Aug 12)

The seminar really helps me to realise and aware of the financial status that I am in. It is very beneficial for me to gain financial freedom

- Chia Wu Serk (Aug 12)

Highly recommended. For all who wants to succeed

- Lim Thiam Hock (Aug 12)

Thank you for keeping the energy levels up throughout the entire seminar so that we can get the best out of it

- Joel Teng (Aug 12)

I'm writing this with sincerity and gratefulness. I now see hope in retiring earlier rather than to slog till the age of 62, or even longer. I've a better understanding of how the financial market works and to grab opportunity when times arises. This would not be possible if not for Dennis who is willing to share his knowledge unselfishly.
I strongly encourage individuals who are interested to increase their financial knowledge to attend Dennis seminars asap. I find his seminar not only informative but also entertaining. Course fee is rather competitive as compare to other seminars in the market, and I've recovered the course fee within one month after the seminar!
Similar to many other seminar graduates, the only regret I have is not attending his seminar earlier.

- Stanlee Tan



- Anna Long De Yan

"when the student is ready, the teacher appears". Strangely enough, this is what happened to me.

My mindset was ready and open to receive your teachings when i attended your seminar(2, 9,10 and 16 July), hence i am able to understand and apply what u teach.

My wife bought your first book 1 year ago, we tried to register for the free siminar(don't know why we couldn't managed to register we figured that "free one so priority given to paying participants"...ha ha ha quite silly hor) we forgot about it....

Then 2 months ago, my wife's friend signed her up and she went(i declined the offer..thinking "uh..just another free seminar to con people to sign up for some get rich quick seminar costing a few, stocks, trading forex, stocks...etc...bluff one la")...sure enough, her friends walked out halfway thru the seminar when "Dennis start promoting his paid seminars".......

But then, hearing what my wife said about your seminar and what u shared about "Chip Eng Seng". She said, u seems quite sincere in helping people grow their wealth.

The next day, i went to to check CES out....wah! PER 3x, Nav 56.8 cts, share price 46 cts and the 5 yr company and developer...stands to benefit from latest Koh BW, HDB announcement to build 22,000 BTO and more DBSS flats in the next 2-3 years....hmm this Dennis got "substance" aka "liao" one...worth attending....

So i signed up for the "Path to financial freedom" workshop...and the rest is history...

it's really THINK and GROW RICH!

hope my sharing can inspire others (who are still hesitating) to take the "leap of faith".

like u mentioned, i am not walking this path alone (there are geninuely helpful people HERE to guide, encourage and scold if necessary).

- Mr Tan Gim Hong Jason, Senior Research Engineer

I happen to chance upon Dennis web site - when I was researching for Silver price movement in April 2011. After reading some of the postings in the Forum, I was really confused by a lot of Financial terms such as QE1, QE2, TA, FA, SIBOR etc.. I thought QE1 refer to Quarter 1 (really ). I must admit I did not pay much attention (actually bo chap) to all the financial matters at home as my wife handle all the insurance, home loan etc..

Actually the more I read, the more I am scared of the what is mentioned of U.S, and the world economy. I feel that I am just like the frog in the well.

After sharing with my wife about what I learned in the forum, she encouraged me to go and attend the Path to Financial Freedom Workshop. I also purchased the bilingual book online to understand more of Dennis. Both my wife and I attended the seminar preview and we signed up the course immediately as we feel the S$2k investment is nothing compared to what we can gain in the future ( and even my kids' future). I also find Dennis humble and serious in sharing his knowledge with us. I salute him for sacrificing his weekend time with his students instead of his family. I am also touched by his dream to start a S$100 millon fund to help the poor.

Furthermore, I find the forum is also a portal for my continuous learning toward my 1 million dollar. There are so many selfless contributors and Dennis himself dedicated a lot of time to share on the forum.

I also started to share with my friends and colleague of what I learn as I feel many people are lacking in Financial knowledge. I discovered that I more I share, the more I learn as well.

- Richard Sim

Like many people out there, I was doubtful whether it's worthwhile to spend the amount of money to attend the "Secrets to Making Money in Stocks" seminar, however I think if I didn't give it a try, I would never know. After attending the 2 days seminar, I must say I have no regrets. Dennis made it very interesting, simple and practical. He inspired us and he also reminded us that we got to always prepared for the worst.

I am particularly amazed on his enthusiasm to share and teach others in reaching their own financial freedom. For a multi-millionaire like him, that's far too easy to just get rich, stay low profile and enjoy life, but he is DIFFERENT!! He wants to help others. And I told myself that if I managed to be a millionaire one day, I'll definitely take part in his dream of setting up a Charitable Foundation!

- Tracy Thong

You mentioned that you will teach us how to cut down (save) our Insurance Premiums by 50% in How to Save and Accumulate One Million Dollars Seminar . I was actually skeptical about this claim. After we attended your seminar, we discussed and reviewed our insurance policies, and discovered that my husband could have saved $9320 & $2200 for myself, for our annual insurance premiums. Can't imaging all these years, both of us are paying so much unnecessary Insurance premiums. Worst, my husband is a very 'pai sei' in rejecting his friend, who whenever comes to approach him, he will nod his head. After attending your course, both of us tend to be Financially Smarter. Next step, we are also planning to write will / set up a fund of our children (3 girls). A token of ' thanks and appreciation to you.' best regards.

- Nicole Chan

"Secrets to Making Money in Stocks" is the best financial training I have attended.

You have indeed packed alot of pivotal strategies in 2 full days. Respect and Appreciate! "

I would like to contribute a testimonial that you can quote:

" I highly recommend MasterYourFinance workshop for anyone who wants to maximize his/her investment wisely. I have discovered my blindspots in investments and learnt numerous techniques in choosing high yield stocks considering the critical financial, trend and technical analyses. Dennis has delivered many fold over my investment in the course, both time and money. He walked his talk through his authentic and passionate sharing, including what he has been learning from his past experiences, his masters and his proven analyses. Thanks Dennis!

- Ng Sua Keong

I am one of the beneficiary from "Secrets to Making Money in Stocks" in Aug 2009.

I have not bought ALL the stocks listed below, only some of them.
I have not bought those shares at the prices listed below, mostly higher.
Nonetheless, from the analysis and sharing by Dennis during the seminar and on this forum, I did my own homework and bought some.

And I can confidently say that I have recovered my "tuition fees".

I have benefitted from the mentality that: "education is the most value-for-money investment".

Share price of weak companies may stagnate or drop over time.
But share price of strong companies have potential to grow & they are likely to give some dividends. Therefore it is important to identify strong companies and put our money behind them.

With Dennis' rich practical experience as an investor, his unselfish sharing has helped many of his students like me learn how to choose a good company and avoid dubious ones. You will be able to find many examples within this forum itself. Please appreciate and enjoy this valuable resource. It is not common to find many people who are as generous and big-hearted as Dennis, who is willing to spend time sharing his knowledge in the forum and public workshops.

- Wei Xian Ni

Once again, thank you for sharing all the wonderful information. You are really passionate about training Singapore Generation X & Y the financial knowledge needed to be financially free.

I also attended 18 Oct 2010 graduates' Seminar at SMU. I am very surprised you even incorporated the Sterling pound exchange rate risk that was talked about during "How to Save and Accumulate One Million Dollars" seminar. This is truly a love of your works.

There are not many honest and caring trainers out there. My salute to you, Dennis !

- Martin Chua

The value derived from your "Secrets to Making Money in Stocks" seminar is many fold the price I had paid for, and for those who have given their full attention during the course, you may be one of the lucky winners to win back your course fees even before you graduate from the course (I'm a testimonial to it).

Most importantly, upon your graduation, you are not left alone to navigate in the emotional and irrational market; you continue to be guided by Dennis and have the luxury of being constantly updated on the latest developments in the market through this forum.

Dennis has regularly urged forumers to participate actively and tap on his knowledge, provided that you also do your homework before seeking his advice as he prefers to teach you how to fish rather than give you a fish.

I'm sure with such valuable support from Dennis, many of the graduates will achieve financial freedom in no time and we will become a sizeable group to contribute back to society and improve the quality of life of the under-privileged

- Vincent Seow

I need to thank you for your generosity in sharing the knowledge at Secrets to Making Money in Stocks Seminar. Personally I like the practical practise session, it enhances the understanding of what you've been teaching. And, You are right, it's easy!

My families has been buying stocks... but this is never the way I saw them analysing the stocks they are going to buy or those that they have already bought. It makes no difference from gambling. I'm persuading my dad and my friends to attend your seminar as well. I've seen how my parents struggled being in middle class all these years, I hope I can make it different for myself as well as people around me. Thanks again Dennis!

– Chang Wai Yee

I have attended seminars and previews offered by other trainers before. The one thing that Dennis stood apart from them was his honesty and sincerity. You know you could trust him. He teaches with passion and enjoys sharing his knowledge and personal views on the market, and did it very well. What I benefited most from him was to learn how the Rich used good debts to get richer. Something that was not preached by other financial educators and I think this really sets the Rich and the Poor apart. This alone will make me very rich, and I cannot wait to try it! I believed that if you follow his practical ideas, coupled with the solid concepts taught during his seminars, you will be well on your way to millions!"

- Alvin Chow

I think the best investment I made this year was to attend your recent workshop on "How to Save & Accumulate One Million Dollars" with my two sons.

The workshop jolted me to the reality of what inflation can do to my hard earned money and gave me hope to grow my hard earned money more than I dare imagine.

It also helped me bond with my two boys even more than ever. At least now they know why Mummy is so tight fisted with their pocket money and family spending and I did what you did with your child when he threw a tantrum in public, when I didn't buy him the toy he wanted.

Thank you for sharing with us your successful strategies and I hope to be financially independent as soon as possible.

- Dorothy Chee

I attended Dennis Ng's How to Save and Accumulate One Million Dollars Seminar.

During the seminar, he shared the Secret to Success is as simple as CBA. That whatever you Conceive and Believe in, you can Achieve.

Dennis shared a few of his experiences, including how this formula helped him fulfilled his dream of writing a book, becoming a Bestselling Author, setting up his own business, making his First Million Dollars.

But to be frank, I actually did not believe 100% in what he said. I have my doubts...

I decided to try this formula CBA in something I want, in the area of Personal Relationship.

And it Worked!

I attended How to Save and Accumulate One Million Dollars Seminar to learn about growing my money, but I learned so much, so many other things from Dennis.

Thank you Dennis.

- Cathy Zhu

Hi, Dennis, You have made a wise and fruitful mission out of your life to help others achieve their $1million like you do.

I would continue to read more of your articles and will get your advise through my journey to learn from you on this!

Appreciate your heart of sharing!

- Geraldine

I attended your seminar, "How to save and accumulate One Million Dollars" on 27 June 09.

The seminar was definitely a break-through for me though I have personally attended T. Harv Eker's seminar last year. After attending your seminar, I sold my car after assessing my current finances and I am able to save at least $500 per month now.

I am glad that I am able to attend this seminar and hope you can continue spreading the importance of financial literacy to everyone in Singapore.

- Irene Wong

You are the best ,so far I cant find anybody as honest as you are. Thanks for dedicating your time to educate us in the proper ways to invest.

I hope in the future you can be one of the speakers for Money and You.

With best wishes,
- Esther Tan

I am Samuel Cher and just attended your Secrets to accumulating a million dollars seminar on 15 May 2010. Just wanted to show my appreciation for the passion, dedication and education you provided which in my opinion is priceless.

I have attended several seminars which cost afew thousand dollars on stocks/investing/options/forex etc but I must confess I actually learn more from you than those I paid thousands for.

Even though I am just 19 years old, I hope to save and accumulate my million within the next 3 - 5 years. And when I do, you will be the first to know.

Once again, thank you very much. I look forward to attending your other seminars in future.

Best regards

- Samuel Cher

As a business owner & property investor, I found attending Dennis’s 1 day seminar fully worthwhile.

Dennis’s tips on diversifying investment portfolio and spreading risk exposure is definitely something I need to work on.

I also agree with him the elements of cashflow quadrant need not be polarized. Anyone can be capitalizing on all the quadrants given the right situation & knowhow.

I applaud Dennis for his passion in sharing his knowledge by deciphering complex concepts & terminology into the most understandable language and would recommend

anyone young or old to invest time listening and learning from him.

Again, thank you Dennis!

- Daniel Cheng

What i really like about Dennis Ng's Seminar was that it was realistic not a get rich scheme.

It start from the basic of Creating Wealth such as how to get motivated and slowly to the doing part. The whole seminar was detailed and smooth. thanks, Dennis for sharing with us your life journey to financial freedom so that we can do it too !

- Sila Sombahangphe

I had paid several thousands of dollars attending several seminars on related topics, such as investing in Stocks and Property. None of these seminars come close when compared to seminars Dennis has conducted. Dennis’ seminar is really 'value for money'. Dennis teaches practical and workable ways through investing your money, let your money grow more money for you.

He is open, frank, practical, and able to demonstrate with his own personal experience and examples. I learned much more in a short time frame compared to other seminars outside that promised so much but deliver so little. People will remember you not what you had promised to deliver, but what you had actually achieved and produced. And I think Dennis did just that! I hope more people will have the opportunity to learn financial literacy from him, to achieve breakthrough in work life and free from worries of financial at old age. Thanks Dennis.

- Yap Swee cheng

I finally realise you are Serious and NOT joking when you tell people that the average person can reach 1 million dollars by age of 60.

After attending your Secrets of Making Money in Stocks last year, I have built up a portfolio that gives much better returns than fixed deposits. It is a good feeling to know that my money is working hard for me.

- Wei Xian Ni

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