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Global Financial Crisis, the Sequel is coming? Print E-mail

Welcome to the 116th Issue of Weekly e-newsletter by This week I like to share with you "Global Financial Crisis, the Sequel is coming?   


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Global Financial Crisis, the Sequel is coming? 


The world seems to be recovering from the Global Financial Crisis, everything is going well. Right?


Nothing bad can happen, is that true? 


The Dubai debt problem that occurred 2 weeks ago is not a big problem in itself. Just look at the Big Picture. Dubais total debt is about US$84 billion, so even in the worst case scenario, that Dubai totally cannot repay its debt a single cent, it is just a US$84 billion problem. (unlikely, since even in liquidation, you can get back at least 30 cents per dollar owed in a typical scenario). 


In this Global Financial Crisis, the countries over the world, including U.S. have poured more than US$ 2 trillion into the markets. So what is an additional US$84 billion to a over US$2 trillion problem the world already faced? So even if Dubai falls it will not cause another Financial Crisis. 


Just when things seem calm, Greece is the one that shocks the world next. Greece is actually a much bigger problem than Dubai. 


Do you know that Greeces total debt is about 270 billion ( or US$402 billion), its total debt is about 90% of its GDP.

According to information from wikipedia, below is a list of the countries with Total Debt exceeding 50% of its GDP.  


The Global Financial Crisis was triggered by U.S. Subprime Debt which led to troubles at the worlds biggest financial institutionsis the Sequel coming? 


Would the 2nd Wave of the Global Financial Crisis be triggered by Sovereign Debt? By countries, one by one, especially those which are financially weak and borrowed heavily, taking a big drag on Global Economies as one by one, they announce their troubles?


Are Dubai and Greece the only ones, this is a question we need to ask.  


I'm not a doomsayer. I remembered I warned of a possible Global Financial Crisis in Oct 2007, when most people said the subprime crisis is a small problem.beware of the domino effect, Eurozone might be the next to be in trouble, as Greece (a member country is causing cracks in Euro).....Japan is in deflation and Japans debts is also very high according to wikipedia.  


Expect the unexpected, as my sifu who taugh me about Stock Investing, always remind me. 


I hope that my fears are unfounded.  


Note: above is just my personal opinion. This e-newsletter is not giving you advice. 


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