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When You Wish Upon a Star, Your Dream Come True... Print E-mail

As you might know, one of the main motivation for me to teach people how to become Rich is so that when I help you (seminar graduate) get richer by learning how to invest, I hope that all of you can then can do More for those less fortunate in the society, for example, by donating to charities.

Now we have about 3,000 seminar graduates (after 3 years) and if in 5 years' time we have 10,000 graduates, then just each of us donating S$1,000, together we can donate S$10 million to Charities every year!

As you might know, Pte Ltd has been donating to charities since setting up in Jun 2010. From Jun 2012 onwards, we will make it as a committment that the company would donate 20% of its Profits to Charity, and the first Charity we would like to support is Make a Wish Foundation, Singapore.

Note: I personally and through my 3 companies, donate and support more than 10 charities a year, not only this Charity organisation.

More info on Make A Wish Foundation, Singapore can be found at their website:

When we were children, we have wishes and hope that maybe Santa Claus or a Fairy can help make them come true.

Sometimes miracles can happen. This is a sharing by a "wish child" who becos of her wish granted, gave her the strength to live on and she is still alive now (adult)...

Make A Wish Foundation is a charity set up to Grant a Wish of children with life threatening illnesses...most of these children are born in very poor families with household income of less than S$2,000...imagine a family in this situation then faced with a child with a life threatening the parents, they might want to help grant the wish of their children, but they might not be in a position to do so...

We can hep them do it.

And Pte Ltd is committed to helping them. We hope this can set an example for seminar graduates and also maybe subtlely pass the message that other than caring for ourselves, we should also think of others, especially those less fortunate in the society.

So you by attending our seminars, or inviting friends/relatives to attend our seminars, are also in indirectly contributing to Charities through Pte Ltd.


Pinocchio- When you wish upon a star


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