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Ein55 Full Course: Secrets to Maximizing Profits in Stocks with Ein55 Styles

Ein55 全面投资课程: 股票高利润秘诀

Generate consistent passive incomes and enormous capital gains through investing as a relaxed investor in stock and investment markets. A comprehensive seminar created by Dr Tee (Ein55), recommended for market cycle investors and value investors, learning and applying unique 55 styles of investing techniques in stock market and various investment markets (Property, Bond, Commodity, Gold/Silver, Forex, etc), allowing integration and customization with personal investing styles.

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"Preview and Testimonials" of 5-day Ein55 Seminar

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Ein55 Workshop
: Market Outlook

Ein55 钱生钱投资讲座 

This 2.5-hour workshop will update the current global and regional investment markets with different highlights, applying Ein55 Styles to analyze the latest trend and outlook of stock market, property market, gold/silver, etc.  It will also include introduction of Ein55 full course and partial Ein55 Styles will be explained in details.  This workshop is recommended for investors who are monitoring the current investment markets to make critical decisions of buy, sell, hold or wait.

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Full Day Secrets to Creating Wealth in Stocks Course

This 5.5-hour short course is a special edition by Dr Tee, consisting of novel Ein55 investing Styles from 7 main topics of full course which is 8 times larger in content size than the short course. The short course will be conducted in the same manner as full course with full details given on selected topics of interest.

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Secrets to Making Money in Property


Many people have a misconception that Property Investing is a lot riskier than other Investment vehicles like Stocks and Unit Trusts. However, we certainly wouldn’t think so and this Seminar will share with you why.

Most of the World’s Richest People accumulated their wealth through Property Investing and it serves to understand why are properties such lovable by the rich. Find out how you too can start investing in a property by attending this seminar. 

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