Why Euro zone might disband and disintegrate in year 2012?

some of you might remember that I said that it'll be a matter of time Italy and Spain might get into trouble, and when it finally happens, Euro zone might be disbanded (disintegrated).

In my opinion, looks like this is likely to happen in year 2012...

Eurozone represents this "Something for NOTHING thinking and attitude"...these countries wanted to band together to have the benefits of banding together but they do NOT want the downside or costs of the "marriage"...Germany wants to exert great influence on the World Stage (2nd to U.S.) by forming Euro and being its "unofficial" leader, but does NOT want the economic burden and risks of being tied to their "brothers" in Euro zone.

Such thinking, if it was the basis of the formation of Euro, mean that Euro is doomed to fail from its start. It is just a matter of time, Euro will be disbanded, just my personal opinion.



Dennis Ng 

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