The Monthly Investing Mentoring Sessions are Priceless, worth many thousands of dollars!

When you attend our seminars, after the seminars, you also get to continue to learn at our discussion forum         


and each month, we have an Investing Mentoring Session where more knowledgeable/experienced Seminar Graduates would share their knowledge with fellow seminar graduates in a 3 hour sharing session.


Seminar graduate Wei Teck (Forum Username) ui21cn says: Kudos to Alex and James. The materials presented will cost Thousand $ to attend by other seminar outside and may not even come close in terms of  informative, in-depth and yet very simple to understand.


All the best to our Financial Savvy journey,


Yhendra says:

Alex and James, both of you are young and have selflessly shared your knowledge and experience to others!

This is where I personally feel the value of this community.  We learn a lot and we improve each other.
Thanks to Dennis who has initiated this movement.
I am sure with this kind of people in this community, together we can achieve the vision
to help at least 1 Million People Achieve $1 Million... at least!"

I believe this forum is an invaluable resource for all the graduates, not only Thousand of $ :-)[end of quote]

yes, I personally attend many seminars over the years. What's lacking for most seminars is a community of like-minded learners. So years ago I vow to myself that If I do conduct seminars, I will help build a community of seminar graduates who can continue to learn and share with one another.

I'm so glad that we have many selfless seminar graduates amongst us, who are selfless in sharing their knowledge/experience without asking anything in return. For everyone's information, NONE of the Investing Mentors are paid to share, whether in this forum, or in the monthly Investing Mentoring sessions.

I did it this way also as a test to prove that people are willing to do things without expecting anything in return. And it's so heart warming to see investing mentors stepping up to share when I invited them to over the last few months.

It's my deepest wish that we help to create a Community of Like-minded Individuals who believe in Continuous and Never-Ending Improvement, in learning and sharing and epitomise the Spirit of Selfless Giving...

The next thing I want to start is to have a group of Seminar Graduates who are willing to conduct free Financial Education talks to the society, be it at community centres, libraries, churches or any other public organisations....

The best way to learn is to Share, this is something I discovered myself in my learning journey and even if we do this for free, the Best Reward is knowing that our sharing have benefitted some people in one way or another...and years later, you might have people walking up to you to thank you for a talk (that marks the turning point in their lives, or make a difference in their lives)....this is something I personally experience and I can tell you that no amount of Money or other Reward can equal the feeling to know that we have made a difference to others.

Below is what I wrote when I won the SME1 Asia Award and they asked me to provide my company's Vision and Mission: Pte Ltd aims to be the Leading provider of Financial Education seminars/ traininig in Singapore and the region.

Our mission is to help 1,000,000 people achieve S$1 million, at least.

We do not want to be just another seminar provider, but we want to help create a close-knitted community of like-minded people, who are interested in continuous Personal Development and learning, who believe in improving ourselves so that we can contribute more to the society at large.

Our company, Pte Ltd aims to:
1. inspire and encourage more people to find their Mission and Passion in life and to Pursue their Passion.

2. Be the best they can be in their area of Chosen Field, so that they can Contribute the most to Society.

3. Educate that wealth and Riches and Financial Freedom will definitely come if you are really good at what you do and if you learn how to Grow your Money (savings).

4. share with seminar graduates that when they become Wealthy, then it is time for them to think about what they can do for the less fortunate and the poorest in the Society..




Dennis Ng