Dr Tee (Ein55)  - Ein55 4-day Course: Secrets to Maximizing Profits in Stocks with Ein55

   - Ein55 Monthly Workshop: Current investment Market Analysis

Ein55 Short Course : Mega-Market-Cycle Stock Investing with Ein55 Styles


      Dr. Tee holds a PhD specialized in computational simulation with technical analysis. He is the creator and master trainer for investing course (Secrets to Maximizing Profit in Stocks with Ein55 Styles)

       Possess 16 years of investment experience with in-depth knowledge in stocks and related investment markets.

      Known as Ein55 in the forum, he is an investing mentor of MasterYourFinance, sharing his experience extensively with investing graduates through over 700 investment articles and investing mentor seminars using FA, TA and PA.

      Attain financial freedom with both Consistent Passive Incomes and Enormous Capital Gains, weathering various global crisis for the past 16 years through creation and application of novel investing method of Ein55 Styles.



  • Real estate consultant (MBA, Cert in CEHA)
  • Over 10 years of personal investment experiences:- 
                    - Started with $80K for home purchase property
  •                 - Started with $120K for investment property
  •                 - Current investment portfolio is in the millions
  • Residential/Commercial/Industrial property brokerages (new launch, resale & en bloc)
  • Became a cycle investor after graduating from Dennis' seminars
  • Volunteers at Family Center and Children Home
  • Investing Mentor with MasterYourFinance.Com
  • Conducts free public talks to promote financial literacy. The recent talk is at NEA
Free Public Talk at NEA                                               Financial Literacy Talk at Lakeside Family Service Centre     
Financial Literacy Talk at NEA Financial Literacy Talk at Family Service Centre