Fastest way to Gain Trust in Business

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Fastest way to Gain Trust in Business

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Many people think that the fastest way to gain trust in business is to show people how good their product is.

To me, the fastest way to gain trust from people is to trust people. Trust that they willl know how to make the right judgement.

So to trust people you must tell them the truth and nothing but the truth. As Jesus said, the truth will set you free.

So one of the fastest way to tell the truth is to tell people Your Weaknesses BEFORE they ask it.

Yes, if they ask for your weakness and you tell them your weakness, they’ll think that you’re not honest enough.

But if you tell them without them asking, and you tell them your weakness before they even know about it, they will be be more than impressed. They will trust you.

With trust business will come. Isn't it?

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well said Andy.

The best communicator is one that can 'read' what the other part want to know and share with the person instead of waiting for the person to ask.

If you are selling something, share the good and bad things about the product before they ask.....

Most people keep the bad things away, sooner or later they will find out.

Tie Ge
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Re: Fastest way to Gain Trust in Business

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Andy Ng, the Business Coach shares this on his facebook page:

Many people teach you how to reach your goals, but few teach you how to reach your goals with the Right Values.

You see, if you don't have the right values as your foundations, you will easily crumble like a building with no foundations.

At ACT, we coach people the top 10 Values you must have for your organization to succeed and last: Commitment, Communication, Consistency, Education, Excellence, Harmony, Integrity, Ownership, Systems and Teamwork. - Andy Ng, Business Coach

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