Download Latest eBook by Dr Tee on Global Market 2015

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Download Latest eBook by Dr Tee on Global Market 2015

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It is fresh from the oven: I have just finalized 35-pages eBook on Global Market Outlook 2015. You could download directly here: ... k-2015.pdf

You may share this eBook link to other friends/colleagues to help them understand the investing opportunity in Year 2015. You are encouraged to sign up Ein55 newsletter (, so that you could receive useful investing knowledge update directly from me in future.

Aligning with the introduction of new eBook, I have prepared 2 exciting free workshop and short course for the readers:
1) Market Optimism Strategy with Integrated Fundamental and Technical Analysis
2) Best Timing to Profit from Singapore Property Market and REITS Stocks

Free seats are limited (first come first served), please register through: ... by-dr-tee/

Table of Contents
1. Mass Market Sentiment Survey
2. Review of 2014 Global Markets
3. US Economy and Market Outlook
3.1 US Government Debt Limit
3.2 Tapering of QE3
3.3 Fed Interest Rate Hike
3.4 US Job Market
3.5 US Property Market
3.6 US Bond Market
3.7 US Dollar, Inflation & Gold / Silver / Crude Oil
4. Regional Economy and Market Outlook
4.1 Europe Market
4.2 China Market
4.3 Hong Kong Market
4.4 Japan Market
4.5 Southeast Asia Market
5. Singapore Economy and Market Outlook
5.1 Singapore Stock Market
5.2 Singapore Property Market
6. Stock Market Potential for 2015 and Beyond
7. Conclusions and Recommendations
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