Definition of "Structure" of a building

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Definition of "Structure" of a building

Post by poseidon »

Hi ,

As regards to Condos, it seems that the Managment Commitee(MC) is required to purchase insurance for the whole developement including all common areas and "structure" of the building.

What I want to know is the definition of "Structure"?

When I first moved in to the new unit, it comes with built in cabinets, water heater and marble floors. So in case of fire and these things gets damage, are these (together with all the internal water pipes and electrical wiring) considered part of the"structure"?

According to my MC, in case of fire they will restore the unit back to original, i.e. like when it was first handed over to us.

Further clarification

Post by poseidon »

The reason why I ask is that, I would like just to buy fire insurance against the contents of the house instead of both the structure and contents.

I have not done any renovation to the condo unit so there is nothing to insure against any enhancements to the unit if the MC can restore the unit to original.

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definition of structure is ONLY BARE walls. It certainly does not include renovation which was done by the developer in a typical condo unit.

Verify this with insurer if you have doubts.

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